About us.
Laura Belzer
Laura Belzer, Founder and CEO

As Founder and CEO, Laura Belzer has proven that she not only gets things done but that she completes any task with heart, integrity and passion. The Bay Area native started Abacus in 2002 after her time in online marketing, where she was a sales person for a lead generator, selling mortgage refinance, debt consolidation and life insurance verticals. Within five months of launching Abacus, her company was featured in the New York Times.

In heading one of the industry’s most promising on-the-rise companies, Laura has been labeled a “pit bull” by one colleague because of her impressive business resolve. That said, Laura readily attributes much of her success to prizing relationships a nd negotiating in a manner where both parties emerge winners – which has translated into more than $24 million is sales for Abacus.

Clients and peers alike recognize Laura as a leader with strong sales skills, but Laura’s background is anything but conventional: She studied art before an extensive run in sales and marketing that included her establishing her own line of jewelry and a dot-com heyday stint at Wired Magazine in its online division.

Laura Belzer
Nick Ceriello, Director of Operations and Media

Our resident geek, Nick comes to Abacus with seven years of experience in the direct marketing arena. He maintains all things technical with a distinct, creative flair, whether he’s building databases, coding landers, designing graphics or doing the little things to optimize traffic.

At the age when his contemporaries were toiling in college, Nick ran and sold a web-hosting company and launched a direct marketing operation, which in turn led to him opening a pizzeria and starting a radio-controlled car company.

Nick was born and raised in Loudon, New Hampshire, which he still calls home. Largely self-taught, he exemplifies the dogged, roll-up-your-sleeves New England work ethic. Nick possesses a very analytical approach to solving problems, but it’s accompanied by an undeniable sense of play to go along with his wide range of passions.

Laura Belzer
Melanie Bever, Sales and Business Development

Melanie comes directly from working at Managed Media Group/Bloosky Interactive, a full-service direct marketing agency. Previously, she was a planner in inventory management in the corporate office of Pacific Sunwear. The Huntington Beach, Calif., native developed her industry knowhow while proving herself in a range of versatility-stretching positions, which has served her well as the Abacus Operations Manager. Melanie currently is in charge of everything from supporting sales to addressing technical issues to dealing with affiliates and advertisers.

Along with her passion for world travel, Melanie for years has been involved in classical choirs – an avocation where, much like her work at Abacus, has her teaming up with other individuals to band together and collectively work toward a single, unified goal.

Melanie received her B.A. in business economics from the University of California in Santa Barbara.